Deputy Vice Chancellor, Student Affairs

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First of all, let me take this golden opportunity to convey our heartiest congratulations to all those who have graduated from SEGi Colleges and SEGi University from the day of its inception 42 years ago. SEGi is indeed very proud that you have succeeded in this important stage of your life. I sincerely hope you had a wonderful time while at SEGi and that your enjoyable student life not be forgotten, but instead cherished and treasured in the most meaningful way. It is time that you keep in touch again with your friends and lecturers, to begin to look back and reminisce about the days when you were a student at SEGi.

SEGi wishes to continue our strong relationship with you and, with your support, we wish to form a strong SEGi Alumni Association with members that are committed to recognising and nurturing the rich and proud heritage of SEGi, the Alumni, the faculty, the staff, current and future student body through the development of mutually beneficial relationships. The Alumni Association will open the door to renew your old ties and new friendships among all SEGians. Together we can influence the future of your Alma Mater, build a legacy that will maintain the name of the SEGi University and Colleges, strengthen the reputation of SEGi, and increase the value of our diplomas and degrees.

I look forward to your joining of the SEGi Alumni Association. Please register yourself with us as soon as possible. Your support and cooperation is much appreciated. Let’s aspire the “Best in you, made Possible” even you have left the University because SEGi is You and You are SEGi.

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