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Inspired by the internationally-acclaimed TEDTalks series where the best minds in science and culture share their ideas to improve and impact lives, SEGi University embarked on its first series of Segian Talks early July. Segian Talks aims to provide a platform for inspiring entrepreneurs to exchange ideas amongst each other, shape young and bright minds, and to motivate students to embark on a similar journey the speakers had taken.

The first speaker was Mr. Lim Ching Choy, CEO of HCK Capital Group who spoke on ‘Property Investment: What, Why, When, Where & How?’. Mr. Lim had plenty of experience in human capital development, property and development, project appraisal and risk management. He shared about the future plans for the HCK Capital Group, and gave some tips on property investment for newbies.

Next was the fresh-faced Encik Muhd. Afiq Azizan, a former Segian, Entrepreneur, Copywriter, Trainer and owner/CEO of Write to Wealth Alliance Sdn Bhd. In his talked entitled ‘The 3 Success Mandate: Hungry, Hack & Humble’, he expounded on the reasons why one must be hungry in order to achieve success, as well as the importance of feeding your mind with positive thinking and learn constantly in order to grow consistently.

gb01Ms. Yew Tian Tian was the next person to share her experience. Ms. Yew was actually a licensed pharmacist with a vast experience in the field as she had honed her craft in the United Kingdom and Malaysia. After the birth of her two children and upon gaining her MBA qualification from SEGi, she realised that there was a need for quality child care centres in the community and proceeded to open one of her own, called Cutie Cottage Baby & Child Care Centre. In her passionate speech ‘Don’t Give Your Potential a Death Sentence’, she stressed the fact that one would not learn anything if he or she allowed pride to be in the way, despite earning the best education in the world.

The fourth speaker was Mr. Myocho Kan, President of Asian Alliance for Advancement. Mr. Kan earned his qualification as a Chartered Company Secretary and Administrator (ICSA, UK) from SEGi, which was previously known as Systematic College. He is also an ISO 9001 Lead Assessor and Certified Trainer and a Corporate Consultant and People Potential Specialist by profession. With more than 17 years of coaching, training and consulting experience, he presented his talk entitled ‘Life is Like a Drama’. He called on Segians to ensure they mix with the right company because one is shaped by the person he or she spends the most time with.

As the saying goes ‘last but certainly not least’, Encik Ghazali Md. Noor, General Manager, Group HR & Adminisation from Encorp Berhad ended the first Segian Talks with ‘Why Can’t You Be Normal like Me?’ En. Md. Noor boasts 20 years of expertise in human resource management, recruiting, corporate and employment laws and is passionate in developing innovative HR initiatives. He made everyone in the hall see the daylight that we are all essentially 3 persons in life: a child, an adult and a parent.

The first Segian Talks was clearly a success. Students, alumni members and employees were inspired by the stories of the speakers and anticipate the next Segian Talks.

Riding high on the success of the first two Segian Talks series, the next Segian Talks was held at SEGi College Kuala Lumpur that was attended by over 200 students.

gb02Hanzo Ng, Group CEO of Sales Ninja Training shared with Segians of his experience as a young man, not knowing what he wanted to pursue until he picked up a book and realised sales was his destiny. Because he was one of the 3 participants from Malaysia to be selected for the reality show The Apprentice Asia, he also shared a little on his stressful but yet memorable experience.

The next speaker was Jonathan Quek, the founder of True North Asia and one of Asia’s Youngest Wealth Coach. Despite possessing an IT qualification, he ventured into the financial industry by starting True North Asia, an alternative investment company. He was truly inspiring as he connected well with the students and encouraged all students to join as many clubs and societies as possible as it helps to nurture skills and talents that can be helpful in the future.

Dr Chua Hock Hoo, Managing Partner of the accounting firm Cheng & Co. then informed Segians of his experience of establishing his own firm. He explained the the Growing Vision Tree : 4 Ep + 4M = 3P with words like Profitability, Productive, Energetic, Mobility and Multi Culture.

gb03Next was Arief Gunawan, the CEO of SEVENFOLD Hospitality. He explained the 3S – Senyum, Sabar and Sopan. Arief was truly passionate as he explained the basics of hospitality.

The talk ended with Chef S.Mohd Shaik Ibrahim Bin Shaik Dawoon, Food Consultant and Chef who used to be a Chef for former Prime Minister, Tun Dr Mohathir Mohamad. Chef Shaik relayed his experience as a chef and now after years of experience, he is also a food consultant.
Overall it was an amazing experience to listen to the speakers, who took time off to inspire Segians to dream big.

gb04Segians, both students and employees alike, were recently treated to a series of riveting discourse in Business and Finance with special guest speakers, Datuk Mohamed Azahari Mohamed Kamil, Chief Executive Officer of Asian Finance Bank Berhad and Nicholas Bloy, Managing Partner and co-founder of Navis Capital Partners.

The talk is part of a series called “Segian Talks”, an effort to create a stimulating environment for intellect discourse for students to think outside the box, to learn real-life experiences of people who have worked in the industry they may be pursuing in the future, to inspire students that the career journey will be worthwhile, and to provide students with special insights beyond textbooks.

gb05This is the forth Segian Talks since last year, and this session is also a component under the Faculty of Business and Accounting Centre of Excellence. The Centre of Excellence or CoE is to build upon strong foundations and transform from a generalist institution into 8 specialist CoEs. By focusing on specific areas of strength, the Centres of Excellence will be able to deliver a superior education experience.

The session was filled with sage advice, since both Datuk Mohamed Azahari and Mr Bloy had been in the business and finance industry for years. At the end of the talk, Segians departed the auditorium, inspired and motivated to pursue success in life and career with a renewed zeal.

If you have missed the fourth Segian Talks, you can watch the video on our SEGi TV. It is not to be missed, with Datuk Mohamed Azahari speaking on his experience on Islamic banking, and Mr Bloy on his experience in private equity investment and how to be a millionaire.

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