Benefits & Privileges

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> Diploma to Degree Rebate

- Available to local (Malaysian) students -

An attractive rebate that applied to current local (Malaysian) students aspiring to transit from Diploma to Degree. To be eligible for this rebate, the current local student must continue directly into the next programme. Other terms and conditions applied. Please refer to the bursary or local marketing department for more details.

> Sibling Discount

- Available to local (Malaysian) students -

A generous discount on the tuition fee portion applied to those who have siblings that have graduated with SEGi. The discount will only apply to the net tuition fees after the deduction of other discounts / rebates. Other terms and conditions applied. Please refer to the bursary or local marketing departmentfor more details.

> SEGiSphere and E-Library

SEGiSphere is a complete community portal for SEGi students and Alumni where you can have quick access to a multitude of goodies and services. This single gateway offers you different modules pertaining to education, leisure and social.

The E-Library contains online databases and journals that are available to SEGi students and Alumni for references.

If you are a SEGi Alumni and will like to get access to the SEGiSphere and E-Library modules, please download the application form here [pdf file].

> Public Talks / Seminars / Workshops / Special Events*

SEGi Alumni can get access to Public Talks, Seminars, Workshops or Special Events organised either by the University or the event company on a regular basis. All these activities will be published directly on our SEGi Alumni facebook page - event.

*Please observe the terms and conditions as stated on each event. If you have any doublt, please contact the organiser directly.

 *SEGi Alumni privileges are updated on a regular basis. Please do visit this page often to find out a new and exciting privileges!

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