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Bernadine Lee Suet Teng -
Foundation in Commerce,
SEGi University
Coporate & Investor Relations

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are Alumni?
    An alumnus (masculine) or alumna (feminine) is a former student who has completed a degree, diploma or certificate.
  2. Who are the SEGi Alumni?
    All former students who graduated from training programmes, foundation programmes, Degree and post graduates programmes conducted by SEGi, Prime College, Systematic College and IBMS.
  3. How do I join / create an association (Alumni Groups)?
    Please fill up the online application.
    Click here
  4. How can I update my details?
    SEGi Alumni complies in all respects with the Malaysian Privacy Act. Your details will NOT be passed onto an individual, organisation or agency external to the University without your permission. For regular updates, it is advisable to supply a current email address, as this is the primary form of contact for SEGi Alumni. Please download the form here [pdf file].
  5. What can the Alumni do to help shape SEGi University?
    As part of the Alumni, you can help in many ways to shape SEGi. You can volunteer to assist in our alumni events, support an area of your choice and many more.
  6. How can I reunite or get in contact with an old friend / classmate?
    Simply contact the
    Alumni Office and tell us that you would like to 'find a friend' and we will get you in contact with the person you're looking for (This is provided that you are both part of the SEGi Alumni Association).
  7. Why I haven't yet received any communication from SEGi since my graduation?
    It is likely that we do not have your latest contact details in our records. Please refer to the above question 4 on how to update your details.
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