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Bernadine Lee Suet Teng -
Foundation in Commerce,
SEGi University
Coporate & Investor Relations

SEGi Student Career Services

Disclaimer for Students and Alumni

While Employers advertising through SEGi Student Career Services are requested to abide by the Terms and Conditions. SEGi accepts no responsibility for any loss, damage or expenses whatsoever, directly or indirectly caused in reliance on any advertisements placed by Employers or Advertisers. If you believe that an Employer or Advertiser has not provided correct information to SEGi Student Career Services or may be engaging in unlawful or illegal practices, please inform us immediately on phone: 03 - 6145 2778 or email: c a r e e r - a d s @ s e g i . e d u . m y.

While SEGi Student Career Services will endeavour reasonably to update the website, SEGi cannot guarantee that all information is accurate or up-to-date nor does SEGi accept any responsibility for information contained on external sites or for any issues that may arise through accessing them.

The fact of any posting by any Employer or Advertiser on a SEGi’s website or on SEGi Student Career Services shall in no way mean or reflect that the Employer or Advertiser or their posting has been endorsed or recommended by SEGi.

Students should exercise their own discernment, consult with their relevant faculty, do research on their career options, consider other employment sources including employment websites, databases or employment fairs and seek out relevant advice.

Please note closing dates for job offers may be subject to change by the Employer or Advertiser without notice. For internship date changes, where possible, check directly with the Employer or Advertiser.

Please exercise precaution when sending personal information online. Do not provide your details to untrusted sources. When accepting an offer of employment, please be aware of what is being signed or agreed upon. You should be aware of your contractual responsibilities when accepting an offer of employment.


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