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Bernadine Lee Suet Teng -
Foundation in Commerce,
SEGi University
Coporate & Investor Relations

About us

SEGi Alumni exists to nourish the connections you made while studying, to honour the achievements of SEGi graduates, to provide further professional development opportunities, and to advance the reputation of SEGi as a world-class institution.

The SEGi Alumni Community comprises of a multitude of vibrant disciplines from foundation programmes, American degree programmes, Health Care Education, Architecture, Business and Engineering to Hotel and Tourism.

As a SEGi Graduate, you automatically become a valued member of the SEGi Alumni Community. Whether you completed your studies as a domestic student or came as an international student studying here on exchange, we are proud to call you as one of our alumni. The membership is automatic and lifelong for all graduates of SEGi.

In March 2011, the SEGi Alumni Relations Office was established and under the Directive of Ministry of Higher Education April, 2004. The Alumni Relations Office is placed under the supervision of Division of Student Affairs.

The SEGi Alumni Relations Office offers wide ranging services to SEGi's Alumni Community including the following:

  • Providing links between SEGi's Alumni and SEGi
  • Ensuring the SEGi's Alumni web portal and databases are well maintained and secured
  • Offering advise to Chapters on a range of issues, including event management and publicity
  • Maintaining a consistent update to members on what's new at SEGi's via various communication mediums
  • Working with Faculties and Schools to value-add to their business
  • Offering a range of general benefits and services to our alumni and graduates
  • Plan and drive strategic implementation of the SEGi's Alumni Relationship roadmap

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